Automatic oil cleaning for FKI FRYER ADV

Make the daily cleaning/filtering of your frying oil automatic with FKI’s automatic oil cleaning system. The system ensures fast and safe filtration of your frying oil at the touch of a button. This ensures a consistently high quality in your deep-fried products and a significant saving on oil.

Daily cleaning of your oil not only gives your oil a longer lifespan, but also ensures a higher quality of the fried food.

FKI's oil purification system uses Magnesol Filter Pads, one of the best filters on the market. Filter pads provide exceptional filtration and polishing of your oil, while making oil cleaning easy, as the use of filter pads minimizes cleaning and is easy to change.

With the use of FKI's filtration system, your oil lasts up to 50% longer, so you can reduce your frying costs and increase your profitability.

This saving will typically pay back the oil cleaning investment in a couple of years.


  • There are two filtering programs:
    • A three-minute card that you can run as needed throughout the day to continuously cleanse the oil.
    • A long 10-minute program that you run when you're done with the day's production. This program polishes the oil so that it is ready for production the next day.
  • After filtration, the oil is pumped back into the tank.
  • We recommend changing the filter pad every day after the long cleaning. This ensures that the filter is always effective, removing both solid and dissolved impurities in the oil. In addition to a cleaner oil, filtration removes a large part of the odor from the oil and ensures the taste of the fried food.
  • There is a special program for cleaning the vat



  • FKI FRYER ADV Double Floor.
  • FKI FRYER ADV Single Floor Split.