Automatic raising/lowering system

Automate your deep fryer and make it even easier to get that great result

The automatic raising/lowering system makes operating your fryer easier and safer. You avoid coming into close contact with the frying oil when cooking food, and you don’t have to remember to get the food out of the oil, as the raising/lowering system takes care of that for you.

The basket is hung on the raising/lowering bar and when you press a program button on the fryer's display, the frying basket automatically lowers into the oil. When the selected frying program is finished, the basket automatically moves out of the vat. The basket can then be hung on the height-adjustable hanger and drained before serving the food.

The raise/lower system means you don't have to monitor the fryer in the same way as you would otherwise have to. It's all done easily and automatically, without getting too close to the oil and risking burns.

The raising/lowering system can be fitted on all FKI FRYER ADVANCED floor models. Except single floor.


  • Automated and easy operation
  • No contact with the hot oil
  • No risk of forgetting the food in the oil



  • Automatic raising/lowering system
  • Activated together with the programs on the fryer
  • Ensures your food comes out of the frying oil at the right time