French fry warmer – FKE PVB

Keeps deep-fried food hot and crispy until serving

The French fries warmer from FKI is a great aid in your kitchen when you have busy periods with many customers in the store. You can make French fries or other deep-fried products in advance and store the finished products in the French fries warmer until they are ready to be served.

This way, you can quickly serve hot deep-fried food to your customers, you make better use of your deep fryer during the day, and you will be prepared to handle those peak periods when you have a lot of customers.

The French fries warmer is used to briefly keep deep-fried products hot and crispy.



  • Holds fried products warm and crisp
  • Ensures better use of fryer capacity
  • Faster service to customers during peak hours
  • Easy operation and cleaning



  • Keep deep-fried products warm
  • Grate in the svat
  • Table model

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

350 x 650 x 335 mm

Vat for keeping products warm / liter

1 vat / 16 liter


30 Kg.

Voltage / power

230V / 1 kW

Power consumption

4,35 Amp.

Connection frequency

50 Hz