About FKI

Who are we?

We have achieved our strong position by always being close to our customers. We understand the working conditions in restaurants and we develop products in stainless steel making the preparation of fast food simple, safe and fast, to provide the best service to the restaurant guests. Even when the equipment is operated by new, inexperienced staff.

Where special solutions are required or special concepts need to be developed, we are committed to the development of equipment to suit the task. Development is often done in close cooperation with our distributors and users. As an example, we have developed waffle irons, a survailanvce system and an environment freindly toaster with an energy-saving function with automatic switch-off and on.

At FKI, you will meet experienced professionals and get a quick response. We have our own production in Denmark and we have standard products in stock for immediate delivery.

We offer warranty on all our products and we secure an efficient operation through a country wide net of service partners, all trained and certified by FKI. FKI always stands behind our products with solidity and high competence.

The history behind FKI


FKI is founded


FKI changes its ownership as Ingvard Poulsen and three other investors take over FKI Stålinventar


The export markets are growing from stainless steel equipment for hot dog stands, grill bars, canteens to include catering kitchens and not least gas stations and convenience, and our market shares outside Denmark are growing


FKI we move to larger premises and at the same time Ingvard Poulsen takes over the total share capital


2nd generation Søren Poulsen takes over as CEO. We are today leading on the Northern European markets for frying and cooking equipment, toasters and serving accessories for the fast food industry. In addition, we are represented in several European countries and we cooperate with many well-qualified and committed distributors worldwide


Sustainability and care for the planet’s resources are important to us, our suppliers, distributors and customers. We always consider sustainability in our production.

Materials, transportation, etc.

Steel makes up 90% of our products, we have therefore chosen to use steel that contains approximately 90% recycled steel. At the same time, the producer of our steel, Outokumpu, is the world’s most environmentally friendly steel producer.

In collaboration with our steel supplier Lemvigh-Müller, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 90% in connection with the transportation of steel deliveries.

When we ship goods to customers, we always pay a CO2 fee to help finance emission reduction projects in cooperation with “Atmosfair”.

All the cardboard and paper we use to pack our machines is made from FCS Certified recycled paper/cardboard.
The electricity we use in the factory is partly made by our installed solar panels and partly supplied by “AURA”, which provides green electricity (wind, solar, water).

All waste (cardboard, paper, plastic) and scrap (steel) related to the production of our machines is of course sorted and recycled.

We do not emit any waste water or greenhouse gases during production.


In recent years, we have invested heavily in new production technology in the form of a robotic welder and a laser cutter. This has meant that we have been able to insource several production tasks to the factory, thereby moving production from production facilities in Eastern Europe. At the same time, we save on the transportation of materials and semi-finished products back and forth.


How can we solve problems for you?
Through close cooperation with international food manufacturers and customers, we have managed to evolve according to customer and market needs.

This know-how has put us in a position where we are able to solve whatever problem the customer may have.

In Denmark, we have a nationwide service setup that responds when our customers have problems. Our service team consists of well-trained and dedicated technicians who have a broad knowledge of fast food industry machinery.

If you need service or spare parts, contact us below and press “1” for service/spare parts sales.

Project funding from LAG MANK

1 pc. Liftmaster and Material Buffer for existing laser cutter are supported by LAG MANK.

The investment will bring a wide range of benefits and create the basis for faster product development, reduced production time, minimize transport from subcontractors, and create jobs.

We are always ready when it comes to equipment for professional fast food preparation. At FKI, we have a broad knowledge of the industry and we are committed to finding the best solutions for each job.