FKI presents a new generation of our well-known and reliable electronic fryers

-where we have improved the already high quality.
We have strengthened the construction, extending the life of the fryer and giving the user a more robust machine to work with.

In addition to the design improvements, we have also updated the fryer's controls and electronics to ensure lower power consumption and better frying through better temperature control, and added a number of new features that will make using the FKI FRYER easier in everyday life.


Newly developed control system with very precise temperature control

  • Fast and precise regulation that ensures high and consistent quality because the energy to the electrical elements is pulsed in smaller steps than with a traditional contactor.
  • Minimizes temperature overshoot.
  • Prolongs the lifetime of the oil.


New energy-saving controls

  • Standby temperature can be lowered to 50% or 75% of set point to save power during less busy periods.
  • Fast reheating from standby.
  • Lower energy consumption.


User-friendly and robust

  • New ergonomic vat with draining edge.
  • Slope at the bottom of the vat to allow oil to drain easily.
  • New and improved design for the raising/lowering system.
  • Larger handles for easier opening of taps at the bottom of tubs.
  • Longer lifetime.


New user-friendly interface

  • Touchscreen for easy and intuitive programming.
  • Push buttons for start/stop and easy operation of the machine during operation.
  • USB access for quick programming and standardization of multiple machines.
  • Each basket can be individually timed.
  • Energy saving function.



The FKI FRYER is equipped with additional safety elements to prevent the frying oil from igniting. In situations where the vat is emptied of oil and/or the heating element is lifted up for cleaning, a safety device ensures that the risk of igniting the oil is avoided/minimized.


Service friendliness

  • Easier cleaning of the fryer.
  • Easy access to electronic components from the front of the machine.
  • The model is available with 10 and 14 kW heating elements.

Additional information

Dimensions (BxDxH)

470 x 655 x 370 mm

Frying vat / liter

2 vats / 10 liters each

Standard baskets

2 x 1/2