The rototoaster heats your burger buns and gives them a crisp caramelization on the cutting surface. It is designed specifically for heating burger buns. It is very good at it – and quite fast. The rototoaster heats and caramelizes halved burger buns. The cutting surface of the burger bun turns inward towards the heating elements, thus the bun is roasted on the cutting surface, while being warmed on the outside at the same time. This means that you get a bun that is nicely soft on the outside and crisp and brown on the cutting surface. When the bun is heated, the sugar in the burger bun caramelize. The great advantage of caramelization is that it prevents the dressing and liquids from the other foods/ingredients you put in the burger to soak into the bun and make the bun moist.

The rototoaster takes approx. 30 seconds to heat a bun. Once a bun has disappeared into the machine, you can put a new bun in. Two powerful heating elements ensure that the burger buns get heated in a very short time, even if you put many burger buns through the machine.

TL 5417

Vertical toaster for burger buns

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The rototoaster is a vertical toaster, and therefore it does not take up much space on the kitchen table. You can use the machine for white soft burger buns with sugar content, and the machine can be set to different burger bun thicknesses. Adjust the distance between the conveyor belt and the heating surface using the two handles on the front of the machine. The machine has fixed belt speed and it is the distance between the belt and the heating surface as well as the set temperature that determines how warm and how dark the caramelization of the burger buns will be. The temperature is easily adjusted on the regulator on the front of the rototoaster to get the right heating and color. On the front, you will also find an on/off button that turns blue when the machine is on.

The divider in the middle, where the heaters are located, is covered by a Teflon foil sheet, which ensures that the bun slides easily through the machine. The Teflon foil also makes the machine a lot easier to clean.

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