Rototoaster – TL 5417

Perfect and quick caramelization of burger buns

The Rototoaster is a fast and powerful toaster for burger buns. The Rototoaster is a vertical toaster where the burger bun is placed in the top of the machine and is toasted while the two halves of the burger bun travel down through the Rototoaster. The two halves of the burger bun are heated on the outside and become crispy and caramelized on the inside (cutting surface). The crispy caramelization ensures that the juices from the condiments of the burger do not penetrate the bun and make it soggy.

You get a powerful and fast toaster that toasts the burger buns in 30-35 seconds (depending on size). Powerful heating elements together with two reflector plates ensure a good heating and caramelization of the burger buns. You can easily adjust the machine to match the distance to the thickness of your burger buns. The machine has a manual thermostat that ranges from 0-300 °C.

It is not necessary to keep an eye on the machine during roasting. Once the burger buns have passed through the machine, they land in the bread drawer, fully prepared and ready to serve.

The machine is best for soft burger buns. It is not suitable for panini, brioche and other more coarse and compact types of bread.


  • Easy preparation of burger buns
  • Fast lead time - 30-35 seconds
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Adjustable - adapts to the thickness of the burger buns
  • Efficient heating and caramelization of the burger buns



  • Heating and caramelizing half burger buns
  • Thermostat regulated temperature from 0-300 °C
  • Fixed band speed
  • Variable distance - adjusts to the thickness of the burger buns
  • Lead time 30-35 seconds
  • Table model



  • Teflon foil
  • Large bread drawer

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

270 x 380 x 530 mm


18 kg.

Voltage / power

230V / 2,1 kW

Power consumption

9,4 Amp.

Connection frequency

50 Hz


< 45 dB(A)