Clamshell grill

The Turbomatic clamshell grill is ideal for cooking hamburgers. You can preprogram three to six programs – depending on model – which makes it easy to get the perfect cooking of the hamburger meat regardless of size. With four Turbomatic clamshell grill models there is a model that cover your needs. Two heating zones on several models make the machines flexible to use, saving you power when you have less busy periods in your business.

The clamshell grill has a top and bottom pan that provides a good and quick frying of steaks. You can adjust the temperature of both pans to give you the perfect cooking results and steaks just as you like them. At the same time, the programs make operation of the machine easy for all employees, ensuring a consistent result every time.

The machines are equipped with an alarm that can provide sound when cooking (and the selected frying program) is complete. At the same time, the upper frying pan opens and you can easily and safely take the hamburgers off the grill pan.

Watch instruction videos for usage and cleaning:

The clamshell grill is available with one and two upper pans in varying sizes. The best size for your business depends on the need for capacity and for being able to use different programs simultaneously or turning off one side of the machine when having slow periods.

All Turbomatic clamshell grills can be equipped with Teflon foil. Teflon foil spares the grill pans and at the same time, cleaning up grease and burned food residues from the machine becomes much easier. It also helps to prolong the life of the machine. Our clamshell grills are used in many different places in both Denmark and abroad. For example, you can find it on grill bars, burger restaurants and gas stations.

Once you have the correct programming of times and temperatures in place, cooking is very easy. Operation of the machine is simple, cooking is fast and uniform, and the lifetime cost is low. Because the clamshell grill is automatic, you can do other things while cooking the hamburgers, rather than watching them while cooking. The clamshell grill starts by a single touch of one of the program keys, and let you know when it is ready to fry.

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