Conveyor grill GLBT-UKV

Fast frying of hamburgers without extraction and odors

The Conveyor grill ensures easy and quick frying of frozen hamburgers. Just plug the machine in and it’s ready to use. You put the hamburgers in at the upper door of the machine and shortly after (depending on weight, size and thickness) the fully cooked hamburger is ready behind the lower door.

The Conveyor grill is for those who do not have the possibility to install an external exhaust or hood, or if you have limited space for machinery. The machine has a built-in, patented air purification system that cleans the cooking fumes and prevents odors in the room. The Conveyor grill can be placed on a table and therefore does not take up floor space. It is particularly suitable for gas stations, convenience stores and other places where space is limited and there is little or no possibility of extraction.

To fry the hamburger, it is placed between two Teflon bands that run over two heating elements. The hamburger is cooked while the Teflon bands move and push the hamburger forward until it is finished and lands in the drawer.

The machine has a variable belt speed so you can regulate how long you want your hamburgers to cook - the slower the speed, the longer the cooking time. You can also adjust the cooking temperature from 50-250°C, so you can achieve the perfect cooking result no matter what type of hamburger you're cooking.

The conveyor grill allows you to cook your hamburgers quickly and efficiently - without any odors.



  • Easy operation
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Minimal downtime
  • No need for an extractor or hood
  • Fast preparation



  • Continuous frying of frozen machine-made hamburgers
  • Variable speed
  • Variabel temperature
  • Fast preparation
  • Free-standing - only needs electricity



  • Teflon band
  • Silicone for cleaning tools
  • Supplied with cleaning tools.


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Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

450 x 750 x 700 mm


95 Kg.

Voltage / power

400V / 5,7 kW

Power consumption

14,25 Amp.

Connection frequency

50 Hz


< 50 dB(A)