New deep fryer with electronic temperature control and easy operation

FKI FRYER STANDARD is an electronic deep fryer with electronic thermostat. The fryer’s powerful heating elements and electronic temperature sensor allow you to heat up the frying oil quickly. You can easily set the oil temperature to the desired temperature in 5°C increments from 100°C to 180°C. The fryer is easy to use and requires no programming. You turn it on, let the oil heat up to your chosen temperature and you’re ready to fry.

The fryer is both easy to clean and easy to service. The heating element can be lifted up for easy cleaning of the vat. The deep vats ensure that oil splashes are minimized.

You can easily prepare French fries, fish fillets, grilled chicken, spring rolls and more in an FKI STANDARD FRYER. Use the push buttons to quickly change the temperature setting to suit the food you're frying.

The design and safety features are the same as on the FKI FRYER ADVANCED models. The difference is the control and programming, which is simpler on this model.


Easy operation

Few buttons on the display make operation quick and easy.
Quick change of temperature - requires only a few presses of the +/- buttons.
Eco function - the temperature is lowered to 100°C until the Eco button is pressed again and the oil heats up to the set temperature.
View the current oil temperature in the display.



Ergonomic vat with draining edge.
Slope at the bottom of the vat to allow oil to drain easily.
Larger handles for easier opening of taps at the bottom of tubs.



The FKI FRYER STANDARD is equipped with additional safety elements to prevent the frying oil from igniting. In situations where the vat is emptied of oil and/or the heating element is lifted up for cleaning, a safety device ensures that the risk of igniting the oil is avoided/minimized.



Easy cleaning of the fryer.
Easy access to electronic components from the front of the machine.
The model is available with 9, 15 and 21 kW heating elements.

Additional information

Technical data dimensions (WxDxH)

705 x 655 x 880 mm

Frying vat/liter

2 vats / 16 liters each

Standard baskets

1 x 1/1 and 2 x 1/2


99 kg