Deep fryer with electronic temperature control and easy operation

FKI FRYER STANDARD is an electronic deep fryer with electronic thermostat. The fryer’s powerful heating elements and electronic temperature sensor allow you to heat up the frying oil quickly. You can easily set the oil temperature to the desired temperature in 5°C increments from 100°C to 180°C. The fryer is easy to use and requires no programming. You turn it on, let the oil heat up to your chosen temperature and you’re ready to fry.

The FKI FRYER STD has the same solid and ergonomic construction as our FRYER ADV.

It also has the same temperature control as our FRYER ADV, which ensures optimal frying without the oil getting too hot, but at the same time quickly reaches temperature for crispy fries and breaded products.

The FKI FRYER STD is a no-nonsense fryer that is easy to operate and delivers optimal frying.


  • Digital temperature control.
  • Simple operation.
  • Precise temperature indication.
  • Max. temp. 180 degrees.
  • Temperature is set in five-degree increments.
  • Eco button to lower the temperature to 100 degrees during quiet periods.
  • Main switch has been moved to the front of the machine.

Newly developed control with very precise temperature

  • Fast and precise regulation that ensures high and consistent quality because the energy to the electrical elements is pulsed in smaller steps than with a traditional contactor.
  • Minimizes temperature overshoot.
  • Prolongs the lifetime of the oil.

Easy servicing

  • Easier cleaning of the fryer.
  • Easy access to electronic components from the front of the machine.


The FKI FRYER STANDARD is equipped with additional safety elements to eliminate the risk of oil ignition when draining the vat of oil or lifting the heating section out of the fryer.

The model is available with 9, 15 and 21 kW heating elements.

Additional information

Technical data dimensions (WxDxH)

705 x 655 x 880 mm

Frying vat / liter

2 vats / 16 liters each

Standard baskets

1 x 1/1 and 2 x 1/2


99 kg