Clamshell Grill MAN 2002

Manual contact grill (clamshell grill) with two cooking zones and easy temperature control

A Turbo grill (clamshell grill) is the right solution for those who want to control the cooking manually. You still get the quick and efficient frying with the upper and lower frying pan, just like on a Turbomatic (automatic contact grill), but you control the cooking time and temperature for each cooking task.

The turbo grill is the right choice for those with smaller cooking needs who need to be able to regulate cooking time and temperature quickly or from time to time, for example if you need to cook meat of varying thickness or need different cooking temperatures and times to achieve the best results.

There are two cooking zones and you can regulate the temperature for each zone separately. This allows you to use the machine for a wide variety of frying tasks.

With a Turbo contact grill (clamshell grill) you are guaranteed good quality and a robust grill for your cooking tasks.


  • Easy to use
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Quick and efficient frying
  • Manuel control of frying time and temperature
  • Easy to clean



  • Frying hamburgers, steaks and other meat products
  • Can fry products directly from frozen state
  • Manual control of upper frying pan (open/close)
  • Manual setting of the cooking temperature on each zone
  • Fast preparation



  • Teflon-foil – Makes cleaning easy
  • Scraper for cleaning frying pans

Additional information

External measurements (BxDxH)

490 x 570 x 210 mm (H: 700 mm when the top pan is up)

Frying surface (BxD)

450 x 390 mm

Number of frying zones

2 zones


43 kg.

Voltage / power

3x400V / 6,6 Amp. (Norway: 3x230V / 6,6 kW)

Power consumption

16,5 Amp. (Norway: 27,5 Amp.)

Connection frequency

50 Hz