Clamshell Grill STD 9003

Automatic Clamshell Grill for fast and even frying

A Clamshell grill STD makes it easy to achieve the correct cooking quality on hamburgers and steaks. The grill has two frying pans, an upper and a lower one. Frying is fast when frying on both sides at the same time, and you can quickly serve your customers well-cooked hamburgers and patties.

The grill has been updated with a new intuitive display with six cooking programs for each zone, an updated and precise heat control, easy access to electronics for service, and Eco function for power saving.

You can program different cooking times and temperatures for each of the grills zones, as well as the top and bottom pans via the user-friendly display, making the grill even easier to operate for both experienced and inexperienced employees.

The grill is automatic and the upper frying pan opens at the touch of a button. An alarm sounds when frying is finished (the alarm can be adjusted in volume or switched off). At the same time, the upper frying pan opens and frying stops. Therefore, you don't need to keep an eye on the contact grill while it is cooking and the risk of burning yourself on the machine is minimal.

The grease drawer is located on the side of the machine. It is easy and safe to empty the grease drawer of excess cooking fat from the griddle and it is very easy to see when it is full and needs to be emptied.

With a Clamshell Grill STD in your kitchen, you're guaranteed high quality and consistent cooking - every time.


  • Easy to use
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Uniform frying and quality
  • Pre-programming up to six cooking times per zone ensures fast and precise cooking
  • Eco function
  • External fat-drawer
  • Easy to clean


  • Frying hamburgers, steaks or other meat products with uniform thickness
  • Can fry products directly from frozen state
  • Automatic control of upper frying pan (open/close)
  • Possibility of several different programming times and temperatures
  • Fast preparation
  • External fat-drawer


  • Teflon-foil – Makes cleaning easy
  • Scraper for cleaning frying pans

Additional information

External measurements (BxDxH)

470 x 630 x 480 (H: 680 mm when top pan is up)

Frying surface (BxD)

385 x 430 mm

Number of frying zones

2 zones


65 kg.

Voltage / power

3x400V / 10kW (Norway: 3x230V / 10kW)

Power consumption

15,2 Amp. (Norway: 24,6 Amp.)

Connection frequency

50 Hz


< 70 dB(A)