New electronic fryer


New fryers with intuitive user interface, precise temperature control and robust design.

FKI FRYER ADVANCED is our new line of electronic fryers. They have been developed with a new intuitive user interface, a robust design and precise temperature control. Here you get a strong, stable, and user-friendly fryer, which ensures a good result every time.

FKI FRYER ADVANCED contains several improvements, both in terms of construction, electronics and control. It ensures better frying, lower power consumption and easier operation. At the same time, we have added extra safety elements to prevent any ignition of the oil in connection with emptying the vats and cleaning the fryer.

The fryer is currently available as a floor model with two vats in the known kilowatt variations (9/15/21 kW). A floor model with a single vat, as well as table models with a single and double vat will be launched soon. Models with split vats will arrive in the late summer 2022.

The new models will take over from the current FKE models, which will be phased out as the new models are launched.

• Fast and precise temperature control that ensures high quality and uniform results.
• Minimises temperature overshoot.
• Allows frying oil to be used for longer, as it does not get too hot.

• Touch screen for easy programming.
• Push buttons to start / stop and for easy operation of the fryer while running.
• USB access for fast programming and standardization of multiple machines.
• Individual time programming for baskets.
• Energy saving function.

• New ergonomic vat with drip draining edge.
• Sloped vat bottom.
• Easier opening of taps in the bottom of the vat.

Read more about the new FKI FRYER ADVANCED here.

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