FKI Clamshell Grill

The new FKI Clamshell Grill ensures perfect grilling of every patty, whether frozen, sous vide or raw. Up to 45 mm thick. The grill is easy to adjust to fit your different types of burger patties. And with both new pan technology and new temperature control software, you will experience a machine that delivers a perfect grilling result every time, no matter how busy you are.

We have thought of both a cleaning-friendly design and a user-friendly operation throughout the development process, and the result is a compact, reliable and high-efficient clamshell grill. Also, in terms of service and maintenance, the machine is in a league of its own.

The new clamshell grill has two grilling zones, each with its own upper and lower pan. Temperature, grilling time and pan height can be set for six different programs in each grilling zone, and the settings can be easily copied to multiple machines via usb stick.

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