Conveyor grill

Easy and quick the conveyor grill transforms frozen hamburgers into hot hamburgers that are ready to eat. It has a patented built-in air purification system, and therefore it does not require either exhaust device, hood or the like when using the machine. It allows for serving burgers at a wide range of places where there is no possibility of establishing ventilation. The air purification system ensures cleaning grease and odor out of the air before it is sent into the room.
The hamburger is fried as it runs through two heating elements inside the machine. The hamburger passes through the machine and ends in the tray behind the lid at the bottom of the machine – fried and ready for serving.

Like most of our machines, the machine can be regulated in both speed and temperature. Therefore, you can find the right speed and temperature for your hamburgers and fry the just as you think they are best.
The conveyor grill is standing free of ventilation. This means that it should only be connected to power, and it is ready for use. It is ideal for gas stations, convenience stores and other places where establishment of ventilation is not possible or where space is minimal. The conveyor grill can be placed on a table and therefore does not occupy floor space.

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