Sausage grill GL 7945

Robust sausage grill for optimal preparation and warm keeping of sausages

A sausage grill from FKI is the sure way to get well-cooked sausages, and roasting is quick and easy on the heavy-duty griddle.

Once the sausages are cooked, you can turn down the temperature on the manually controlled thermostat and then keep the sausages warm until serving. The pan on the sausage grill is made of extra heavy-duty material, which ensures even frying.

The build-in sausage grill is equipped with an anti-twist device which limits the temperature to approximately 150 °C. This means that there is a physical limiter that prevents you from turning the temperature control beyond the equivalent of about 150°C. If the sausage grill is running at maximum temperature, there is a risk that the sausage grill may become warped. This is unfortunate when the sausage grill is built into a worktop. At the same time, the limiter ensures that the sausages do not burst if the temperature is too high during cooking.

The sausage grill is made of stainless steel and fully welded with rounded edges. This makes it both robust and very easy to clean.
When the sausage grill is built into the table, it provides a better and more ergonomically correct working position. At the same time, the built-in model provides an attractive overall solution and even easier cleaning.



  • Easy and quick preparation
  • Good access to operate the appliance
  • Built-in equipment ensures good ergonomics
  • Efficient roasting and warm keeping
  • Attractive overall solution
  • Easy cleaning


  • Preparation and warm keeping of sausages
  • Adjustable temperature from 50-250 °C
  • Easy operation
  • Heavy duty frying pan
  • Built in model


  • Splash guard
  • Teflon foil
  • Bridge - used to install two sausage grills one above each other

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

845 x 505 x 110 mm

Frying surface (B x D)

790 x 450 mm

Cut-out dimensions (W x D)

810 x 470 mm


70 sausages (18-21 cm)


35 kg.

Voltage / power

230V /2,7 kW

Power consumption

11,7 Amp.

Connection frequency

50 Hz