Roller Grill STD – RG8-45

New roller grill – Roller Grill STD

The new FKI roller grill is equipped with electronic control, a boost function and an ECO function.
The new electronic control with two built-in sensors replaces the current Simmerstat and gives the roller grill faster and more precise heat control.

We have extended the front of the grease tray and added a cover to the back of the machine to eliminate convection/draughts that cool the rollers located at the front and back of the machine. However, there will still be uneven heat distribution on the rollers from front to back and across each roller.

The set temperature (SET temperature) shown in the display is the average temperature measured on all rollers on the grill and will be used as the reference temperature in the control.



The temperature shown in the display is the set temperature. It will flash until the grill has reached the set temperature. By holding both +/- buttons simultaneously, you can see the actual measured temperature. Temperatures are adjusted in steps of five degrees using the +/- buttons. Minimum SET temperature is 60 degrees, maximum SET temperature is 105 degrees.

It is important to emphasize that the SET temperature is an average temperature. It is not the exact temperature everywhere on the rollers.


Boost function

The boost function is typically used in the morning or when you start up and fill the entire grill with sausages at once.

Boost is set to 105 degrees and the length of the boost can be adjusted by pressing the +/- buttons. The time can be changed in one-minute increments to suit your requirements. Boost remembers the last set boost time.

Boost should not be used during operation unless you have emptied an entire heating zone. This can overcook the sausages if they have already reached the required core/serving temperature.


Save power with Eco function

The Eco button is used to save energy. Pressing the button lowers the SET temperature to 60 degrees until you press the button again and the roller grill returns to the SET temperature.


Temperature control

The roller grill has a new electronic control that makes it faster and more precise. Two built-in sensors will ensure a more precise temperature on the grill.

However, it is important to emphasize that there will be an uneven heat distribution over each roller, as there has been on previous roller grill models. This has no effect on the heating of the sausages, as they reach the same core temperature with both uneven heat distribution and more even heat distribution.

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

530 x 350 x 170 mm

Roller width

450 mm

Number of rollers

8 rollers

Number of heating zones

2 zones


14 sausages (18-21 cm)


15 kg.

Voltage / power

230V / 1.25kW

Power consumption

5.4 Amp.

Connection frequency

50/60 Hz


< 60 dB(A)