Timer for Roller Grill STD

The timer developed with the new Roller Grill STD is used to comply with food safety, reduce waste and ensure that sausages are not served at too low a core temperature. You can easily see which sausages are ready to serve and which are not.

The timer can be used with the new Roller Grill STD and retrofitted on older roller grill models.
The new roller grill has a power outlet for the timer at the bottom of the machine. For retrofitting older models, you need power from the local installation.

Using the timer is easy. When you place a sausage on the roller grill, press the button that matches the position of the sausage on the grill. The button will now light up blue. When the sausage is ready to serve (according to your own tests and timer settings), the button turns green. Then it turns yellow, telling you that this is your last chance to sell the sausage. And then it turns red, indicating that it is time to throw the sausage out.

All timer settings should be based on tests made with the sausages you want to sell from the roller grill and of course comply with national regulations for cooking temperatures and times. Programming the timer is described in the user manual.

The timer is currently only available for roller grill model RG14-45.

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

42.5 x 566 x 40 mm


0.8 kg.

Power consumption

0.5 Amp.