Griddle GP 900 MANUAL

Heavy-duty griddle with easy control and efficient heat distribution

This griddle is based on the technology of the FKI Clamshell Grill CT 600. It is available in two versions; Standard and Manual in two different sizes.

The pan construction and side-mounted grease drawers make this Griddle ideal for busy grill/burger bars and restaurants in need of quick cooking and easy cleaning.

The Manual Griddle is controlled by a thermostat. All four Griddle models have two frying zones and all four models also have a pan with sandwich construction made of steel plates with an aluminum core. This results in better heat distribution and more efficient heat distribution.

There are markings on the pans that make it easier to place the steaks correctly on the griddle for the best frying results.

Large grease trays on both sides make it easy to keep the frying surface clean while the machine is in use.

All Griddle models are available with a griddle press attached if you primarily use the griddle for smashburgers.

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

900 x 550 x 375 mm

Frying surface (B x D)

780 x 450 mm

Capacity per hour

90 burger patties


74.5 kg.


3x400V / 9.0kW

Power consumption

16 Amp.