Griddle GL 6060 MAXI

Robust, high-capacity griddle for frying patties and more.

A MAXI griddle is the sure way to get great frying results. The griddle is flexible as you can cook a wide variety of food products on it, and you control both cooking time and temperature with the manually controlled thermostats.

The MAXI griddle is divided into zones, making it easier to cook different foods at the same time. The division into zones also helps you save energy, as you don't have to have the whole griddle on at the same time if you don't need it.

A MAXI griddle is a solid tool in the kitchen when high capacity is needed. You get a robust, fully welded stainless steel griddle that will last for many years. It has rounded edges and a built-in splash guard that makes it easier to clean the griddle and the area around it. The Griddle is equipped with a grease drawer to collect excess frying fat.

The MAXI griddle ensures high frying capacity and is ideal for those who want to use the same equipment for frying many different products.



  • High capacity
  • Flexible in use
  • Heating zones
  • Built-in splash-guard
  • Easy cleaning


  • Frying all products suitable for pan-frying
  • Adjustable temperature from 50-250 °C
  • Divided into heating zones
  • Robust construction
  • Built-in splash-guard
  • Easy operation

Additional information

External measurements (BxDxH)

600 x 600 x 420 mm

Frying surface (BxD)

590 x 485 mm

Capacity per hour

Approx. 60 burger patties (depending on size and weight)

Number of heating zones

2 zones


55 kg.

Voltage / power

400V / 6,0 kW (Norway 3x230V / 6,0 kW)

Power consumption

15 Amp. (Norway: 26 Amp.)

Connection frequency

50 Hz