Clamshell grill – clamshell grill Foil holder

Foil holder for Turbomatic GL 9000 series

The film holder consists of a steel plate with railings on three sides and a bend on the steel plate itself on the fourth side. The holder is placed directly on top of the upper pan, where it encloses the actuator arm. The Teflon foil is folded up around the railings and secured with the clamps provided. The Teflon foil is specially made for the new holder.

The foil holder can be retrofitted on all GL 9000 models.

FKI recommends the use of Teflon foil on the Turbomatic clamshell grill as it facilitates the cleaning of the machine and good daily cleaning helps to prolong the life of the machine. The customized Teflon foil is of a high quality that can be used many times if it is cleaned regularly. The new foil holder makes it very easy to remove the Teflon foil, clean it and put it back on the machine.

Instructions for applying Teflon foil

1. Move the upper pan to the 'open' position.
2. Place the Teflon foil on the lower pan, directly under the upper pan.
3. Bring the upper pan down again.
4. Fold the Teflon foil up over the railings and place the clamps down over them. Take one side at a time.