The Conveyor Toaster is an upgrade of the well-known FKI Unitoaster

The Conveyor Toaster has a new and more robust construction. The operation of the machine has become even more user-friendly. All models have a built-in burger function (see more below). And finally, we’ve made access to heating elements and electronics easier.


CT ADVANCED has a small display where you can adjust the belt speed, pre-program two speeds, turn the Eco and Eco Plus functions on and off, and of course turn the machine on and off.
The electronic control makes setting the machine more precise, making it easier to set the desired speed for different bread products.



It is possible to pre-program two different speeds so you can quickly choose the right speed for the bread product going into the conveyor toaster. This way you can be sure that the bread gets exactly the right amount of time in the machine to make it perfectly toasted - every time.


Eco function

The Eco function helps you save power when it is not so busy. If no new bread is placed in the toaster for two to three minutes, the belt stops and turns off two heating elements. When you place new bread on the belt, breaking the light sensor, the two turned-off heating elements turn on and the belt starts running again, continuing as normal until there is a two to three minute pause in toasting.

If you need to, the Eco sensor system can be easily disconnected completely. Simply press and hold the Eco button (marked with a leaf) for a few seconds and the sensor will turn off and the belt will run continuously. When you want to turn the Eco sensor back on, you do it in the same way by pressing and holding the button.


Eco Plus function

If you want to save even more on your energy bill, you can use the Eco Plus feature. When Eco Plus is turned on (done by pressing the leaf button), all four heating elements in the machine will turn off when no new bread is placed on the belt for three minutes. There will be a delay of 10 seconds before the belt runs again when the light switch is broken, as the machine needs to warm up to be ready for use.



The design of the CT models makes them more stable and robust, and at the same time, the machines are easier to service should it become necessary. There is easy access to the heating elements and the electronics are gathered on the side of the machine, behind a plate that is easily unscrewed.


Burger function

All CT models are equipped with three heating elements above the belt and two heating elements below the belt. This means that all CT models can switch from regular heating mode to burger mode at the flick of a switch on the back of the machine. The burger function is, as the name suggests, good for burger buns, where the cut surface of the bun needs to be caramelized and the outside of the bun just needs to be heated.


CT 400 models (ADV/STD) are available in a "Performance" version, equipped with extra heating elements for extra capacity. We also have the CT 550 (ADV/STD) model, which with its extra width (682 mm) is ideal for festivals and events.

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

412 x 545 x 430 mm


21.5 kg.

Voltage / power

230V / 2,2 kW

Power consumption

9,5 Amp.

Connection frequency

50/60 Hz


< 65 dB(A)