Burger heater

These models are especially suitable for warming-keeping of beef in sauce, sauces, and smaller portions of soup. The models are very similar to the sausage warmers, but slightly smaller in size. The burger heaters are available as countertop models and are very similar to the sausage warmers regarding the structure. The burger heater has an outer vat that you fill with water, and an inner vat where you put the food you want to heat. The inner vat can easily be removed and cleaned or washed in the dishwasher.

The burger heater is available in three different sizes with capacities of three, four and six liters. There is a burger heater for most capacity needs, and at the same time it is easy to find room for one of the devices in the hotdog stand or fast-food shop.
It is not always easy to satisfy everyone with the product range, especially when the space for appliances is limited. But with the small burger heaters you can have room for more appliances, thus fulfilling the wishes of more customers.

CL 13100 B

4 liters burger heater – countertop model

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CL 13150 B

6 liters burger heater – countertop model

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CL 14100 B

3 liters burger heater – countertop model

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As said before, you can heat many different things in the appliance, it is not only for beefs. The heater is equally ideal for sauces, soups, or other more or less liquid foods that should be kept warm and ready for serving. Of course, the burger heater can also be used for heating of sausages, there is just room for fewer sausages, as the vat in the three models is smaller than in the sausage warmer models. You get the same good quality, whatever vat size you choose.

The burger heaters can easily be adjusted in temperature, ranging from 30-110 °C. The temperature control is located on the front together with a power switch. There is also a drain tap on the front of the appliance, making it easy and straightforward to drain water from the outer vat. The burger heater is robust in operation, thoroughly tested and used by hotdog stands and fast-food shops for many years. You get a small and efficient product with a long lifetime and a minimum of service costs.

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