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Merrychef eikon e3

Efficient oven with two heating technologies

The Eikon® e3 is an efficient oven suitable for shops, bakeries, butchers, small restaurants and snack bars.

The oven ensures perfect preparation of baguettes, hot sandwiches, chicken skewers, sausage rolls, pizza, foccacia, croissants, etc.


Standard features

  • Two heating technologies - hot air and microwaves
  • Up to five times faster than a conventional oven
  • Cooking without exhaust
  • Two height positions for positioning the cooking-plate
  • Possibility to use regular 1/4 size baking tray when using convection in the oven
  • Does not get hot on the outside
  • Update with USB key
  • easyTOUCH® operation


Accessories included

  • Round tray
  • Handle for tray
  • Teflon foil


Can be purchased

  • Oven cleaner
  • Oven protector
  • Teflon foil


Installation information

  • Place the oven away from other major heat sources
  • Place the oven on a surface designed to support weight
  • There must be at least 50 mm of free air on all sides to allow air to circulate around the oven
  • Make sure there is enough space in front of the oven for the oven door to open fully

Additional information

External dimensions ( W x D x H)

598 x 558 x 551 mm

Net weight

62,5 Kg.

Gross weight

76,2 Kg.


380-400V 50Hz

Connections used

2P + N + E

Rated current per phase

16 A (this is not consumption)

Microwave 100%.

1000 W (approximate microwave power output)

Hot air

3000 W

Combined mode

1000 W + 3000 W