FKI Clamshell Grill CT 600-2

Welcome to the new generation of compact high-performance Clamshell Grills

The CT 600-2 is a compact, high-efficiency Clamshell Grill that fits into any environment where space is limited, even in gas stations and convenience stores.

We use the latest pan technology in the form of a sandwich construction with an aluminum core for better heat distribution. This, combined with our new temperature management software, gives you a consistent frying result every time, even during peak periods

New enhanced features

Vertical pan movement provides a better and more even (uniform) sear because there is better contact between the pan and the steak. With this cooking system you can grill frozen, sous vide and raw meat up to 45 mm thick.

External grease containers for quick, easy and safe use.

  • Grease containers on both sides of the machine.
  • Fast cooling of grease for increased safety.
  • Robust handles for safe emptying.

Quick and easy attachment of Teflon foil. Easy to remove, clean and reuse.


New user interface

  • User-friendly interface with 4.3″ screen.
  • Touchscreen for easy programming of the machine.
  • Push buttons for start/stop and operation of the machine during operation.
  • USB ports for quick programming of multiple machines.



  • Easy and logic programming
  • 2 x 6 different programs
  • Set the frying time, meat thickness and name for each program
  • Two USB ports for program storage and sharing
  • Multiple standby settings for energy saving


Simplified settings

Temperature settings

  • Easy and precise
  • Five degree temperature intervals
  • Individual setting of top and bottom pan

Interval settings for frying temperature

  • No operation outside the set interval (optional)
  • Visual warning
  • Warning with sound

Program settings

  • Pan height is set in one millimeter increments
  • Cooking time in one second increments
  • Individual heights


  • Cooking time countdown with alarm
  • Visual display of remaining cooking time



Easy access to electrical systems

  • All electronics are housed in a pull-out box for easy access for service and maintenance.
  • Electrical parts are shielded in closed compartments for better protection (less servicing).
  • Mechanical parts (motors/actuators) are protected in a closed enclosure.
  • Possibility of early warning when it is time for service.

Additional information

Dimensions (BxDxH)

570 x 710 x 530 mm (920 mm with pan up)

Frying surface (BxD)

450 x 460 mm (upper pans)

Frying zones

2 zones


96 kg

Voltage / power

3x400V / 12kW

Max. current

20 A.


50 Hz


65 dB(A)