Here we have collected all the accessories available for our machines. Teflon foil, deep-frying baskets, screens, and much more. The accessories for certain machines is a necessity for the machines to function properly. This type of accessory is included in one copy when you buy the machine, and must be replaced when it is worn out. Other accessories are not a necessity, but an aid to make either the operation or cleaning of the equipment easier.

Teflonfolie - pølserister

Teflon foil

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Drivruller til båndsteger

Accessories for conveyor grill

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Stegeplade GL 9660

Splash guards

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General accessories

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Bro til bedre udnyttelse af kapacitet

Bridge for sausage grills and grill plates

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Teflonskraber til combitoastere

Toaster accessories

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Stor brødskuffe til Rototoaster TL 5417

Rototoaster accessories

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Stor friturekurv 1/1

Deep fryer accessories

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