In April, FKI had a visit from “Arbejdstilsynet” – The Work Environment Agency in Denmark to assess the working environment at our factory, and we were given a green smiley for our working environment. We are of course happy about this, as the safety and well-being of our employees is very important to us.

A good working environment includes safety, ergonomic working positions and safe handling of heavy equipment, but for us the social aspect and good fellowship are also a very important part of a good working life. That is why we have an active staff association, which provides great events both in-house and out several times a year. Good experiences with colleagues away from the workplace help to create unity and provide something to talk about during the lunch breaks.

We have several employees who have celebrated their 10th or 25th anniversary with us, which is a good indication that FKI is a good place to work.

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