Maybe you have already seen it, or maybe it’s news to you. In January, we launched the new line of deep fryers called FKI FRYER ADVANCED. They have replaced our FKE deep fryers, which have been phased out this spring.

Form and function are the same, but a lot has changed, both in terms of technology and design. We would especially like to highlight:

  • The precise temperature control, which gives you a uniform deep frying at the desired temperature.
  • Easy programming on the touchscreen, and pushbuttons for start / stop and operation.
  • The options for different standby temperatures and fast reheating from standby, which gives you a lower energy consumption.
  • Improved ergonomic design with drip edge, sloping bottom in vat and larger handles for opening taps in the bottom of the vat.
  • Extra safety features to prevent accidental ignition of frying oil.

You can read much more about the FKI FRYER ADVANCED deep fryers here and take a closer look at the six different models.

During this summer the FKA deep fryer will also be replaced by an upgraded and improved model, the FKI FRYER STANDARD. There will be more information about this as time approaches.

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