Do stainless steel products not quite match your other interior? Or do you want machines that are very easy to keep clean – both on the heating surface and on the outside?

Maybe the Black Edition products could be the solution.

A number of our most popular products are now available in black versions where all visible surfaces are coated with Teflon. It can help create a more exclusive look in your store, and black machines may be easier to fit in design-wise if you are part of a specific store concept.


At the same time, there is a clear benefit in terms of cleaning, because the Teflon-coated products are easy to clean on all Teflon-coated surfaces.
The Teflon coating is the same type as on our toasters’ hot plates, and the coating is therefore food-approved and meets all food safety requirements.

You can get sausage grills, roller grills, toasters, conveyor-grill, roto-toaster and conveyor grill in teflon-coated versions.

Read more about the specific Teflon-coated models here.

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