The Turbomatic series have been re-designed to improve the functionality of the machine. The grease tray that has previously been placed underneath the grill plate, has been moved to the outside of the contact grill. This makes it both easier and more secure to empty the tray, and easier to see when they tray need emptying as well.

In addition to increased security, the new placement makes room for a larger tray. The users can concentrate on cooking food instead of spending all their time on cleaning. The new grease tray both improves security and cleaning friendliness.

The contact grill is available in three sizes. The largest model, GL 9002, have a grease tray on each side of the machine, and the two smaller models, GL 9001 and GL 9003, have a grease tray on the right side. Each grease tray is 5 cm wide. Therefore, the machines have grown slightly in width.

You can order the new Turbomatic models from March 15. The current model is phased out from this date, but is sold as long as stock is available.

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