Our roller grill is available in a variety of sizes, both in terms of the number of rollers and the width of the rollers. The widest roller grill has 1020 mm wide rollers, and can cook a large amount of sausages at the same time. The capacity of a grill with 10 rollers with 1020 mm wide rollers is approx. 45 sausages at a time and for a grill with 14 rollers the capacity is approx. 65 sausages.

Our largest roller grill is very well suited at places with a high capacity need, such as festivals, big department stores / supermarkets with hot food sales or similar. The two heating zones on the large roller grills also offer the possibility to cook different types of sausages on the same roller grill or to cook on one zone and keep warm on to the other zone. Read more about our largest roller grill here. (Insert link to GL 14 – 1020 mm)

Of course, not everyone has the space or the need for so much capacity. Therefore, we have a lot of other sizes as well. See and read more about all the models here.

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