FKI roller grill is available with several different types of rollers, giving you the opportunity to choose the best type of rollers for the products you need to heat on the roller grill. Materials and design are important, when you prepare your foods. For example, if the sausages are not laying evenly and with physical contact to the rollers, it will have consequences for the heating.

By default, all roller grills are fitted with teflon-coated steel rollers. But all roller lengths are available in stainless steel, teflon-coated aluminum, or as oval rollers.

The right choice depends on what you want to heat on the roller grill. The regular round rollers are best suited for “straight” sausages, i.e. not for curved/arched sausages. And the oval rollers are used for more uneven products, such as wraps, pizza rolls and similar.

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