Grill plate

FKI grill plates are a good investment if you need efficient and flexible grilling capacity. The grill plates can be used for frying many different food products, which makes it very useful. You control both frying time and temperature on the grill plates, and the two or three heating zones ensure better use when grilling different foods at the same time. You can also just have one of the heating zone on the grill plate turned on if you want to save power during less busy periods.

The MAXI grill plates are our largest and most robust grill plates. They have built-in splash guards, which help to reduce grease from the frying process spread in the area around the grill plate. All plates are made of stainless steel and fully welded, ensuring a robust and easy-to-clean machine in your kitchen. Both the standard grill plate and the MAXI grill plate are available in two different sizes.

All grill plates are equipped with two heating zones, except the largest MAXI grill, which has three heating zones.
The grill plates have a thermostat, which you can regulate from 50-250 °C. This manual heat control increase flexibility of the machines, as it allows for the preparation of more products with different requirements for heating temperature and heating time.
For standard grill plates, you can buy splash guards to make cleaning of the machines’ surrounding area easier. Both MAXI and standard grill plates have a built-in grease tray, where excess frying foil and grease can run / be scraped down into.
All grill plates are of high quality and you are guaranteed a product that can last for many years with the proper use and cleaning.

We also make customized grill plates. If you do not find one on this page that suits your available space, please contact us and in cooperation we will find a good solution for your business.

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