Accessories for electronic deep fryer

Our accessories for electronic deep fryers (also called Friomat deep fryers) cover solutions that make both the operation and the fryer oil economy better. These must be ordered together with the fryer as it is not possible to retrofit the equipment.

A deep fryer is an investment that must earn its own value. It can do this faster when you can cut down on some of the operating costs, such as the use of frying oil. With the oil cleaning system, you can extend the life of the oil, thus reducing the cost of frying oil. The lifting/lowering system makes the operation of the deep fryer easier and you and your employees reduce the risk of getting burns on the oil.
Read more about both options below.

Olierenssystem til FKE friturer

Oil cleaning system

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Hæve-/sænksystem til FKE friturer

Automatic lifting system

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