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Merrychef eikon e4

Efficient all-round oven

Eikon® e4 is an efficient all-round oven with three heating technologies, suitable for service stations, fast food restaurants, hotels, snack bars and the like.

Eikon® e4 is an oven for quick preparation of hot food such as pizza, wraps or hot sandwiches.


Standard features

  • Three heating technologies - hot air, microwaves and impingement
  • Up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven
  • Cooking without exhaust
  • Oven door does not heat up on the outside
  • The oven compartment is easy to clean
  • Low noise
  • easyTOUCH® operation with pictograms on touchscreen
  • Data transfer via USB key of up to 1024 cooking programs
  • Front-mounted air filter, easy to monitor and can be removed without tools
  • Built-in diagnostic test


Accessories included

  • griddle
  • Cooling pans
  • Enamel tray


Installation information

  • Place the oven away from other major heat sources
  • Place the oven on a surface designed to support weight
  • There must be at least 50 mm of free air on all sides to allow air to circulate around the oven
  • Make sure there is enough space in front of the oven for the oven door to open fully

Additional information

External dimensions ( W x D x H)

584 x 643 x 591 mm

Net weight

82,5 Kg.


400V 50Hz

Connections used

2P + N + E

Rated current per phase

32 A (this is not consumption)

Microwave 100%.

1500 W (approximate outgoing microwave power)

Hot air

3200 W

Combined mode

1500 W + 3200 W