Sustainability and consideration for the planet’s resources are important for us, for our suppliers, dealers, and customers. We always think sustainability into our production.

Materials, transport, etc.
Steel makes up 90% of our products, we have therefore chosen to use steel that contains approx. 90% recycled steel. At the same time, the manufacturer of our steel, Outokumpu, is the world’s most environmentally friendly steel producer.

In collaboration with our steel supplier Lemvigh-Müller, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 90% during transport in connection with the delivery of steel.

When we send goods to customers, we always pay a CO2 fee, which helps to finance emission reduction projects in collaboration with “Atmosfair”.

All the cardboard and paper we use to package our machines is made from FCS Certified recycled paper/cardboard.
The electricity we use at the factory is supplied by “AURA”, which supplies green electricity (wind, solar, water).

All waste (cardboard, paper, plastic) and scrap (steel) from the production of our machines are of course sorted and recycled.
We do not discharge wastewater or greenhouse gases in our factory.

In recent years, we have made major investments in new production technology in the form of a robot welder and a laser cutter. This has meant that we have been able to move several production tasks home to the factory, thereby moving production from facilities in Eastern Europe. At the same time, we also reduce the transport of materials and semi-manufacture back and forth.


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