We always aim to make the operation of our products easier for you. That is why we have developed a new and easier way to attach the Teflon foil to the Turbomatic contact grill (clamshell grill).

The new foil holder consists of a steel plate with an attached holding rod, which is placed on top of the upper pan. The Teflon foil is folded up around the rod and fastened with the clips provided. The Teflon foil is specially adapted to the new holder. The foil holder can be retrofitted on all GL 9000 models.

We recommend using Teflon foil on your Turbomatic (clamshell grill) because it makes cleaning the machine easier and good cleaning extends the life of the machine. The custom-made Teflon foil is of a high quality that can be used many times if it is cleaned continuously. The new foil holder makes it very easy to remove the Teflon foil, clean it and put it back on the machine.

The new foil holder can be ordered from October 1, 2019.
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