Now you can get a toaster that heats four French hotdog breads in just one minute. After a minute the bread is golden, toasted, and ready for serving. The French hotdog toaster is easy to operate and efficient in use. It obtains less space than a Unitoaster (conveyor toaster), and the new TL 5272 toaster is ideal if you only want to heat French hotdog bread.

The new machine for toasting of French hotdog bread, TL 5272, approx. has the same size as one of our most sold products, the combi toaster TL 5270. The advantage of the new toaster is that it can contain more pieces of bread and does not squeeze the French hotdog bread when it lies between the hot plates – something that the combi toaster otherwise tends to do.

The heat is more evenly distributed throughout the bread because the French hotdog toaster encloses each bread and ensures that it gets heat all way around. The bread will get appetizing grill stripes which indicate that the bread is well-heated.

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