We have developed a new generation of compact high-performance Clamshell Grills.

FKI Clamshell Grill CT 600-2 has the latest pan technology and combined with new temperature control software you are guaranteed a perfect grilling result every time – no matter how busy.

The CT 600-2 is designed to fit into any environment with limited space available, making it very relevant if you have a gas station or convenience store serving burgers.

We have made it easy to operate, adjust, clean, and maintain the clamshell grill, giving you time to concentrate on other things. The new clamshell grill includes new user freindly interface with touch screen as well as physical buttons for quick and easy operation during operation. The settings for programming, temperature, etc. are simplified, electronics and actuators are shielded, making access during servicing easy and keeping them protected from frying grease.

Read more about FKI Clamshell Grill CT-600-2 here and please contact us for more information and prices.

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