Hot dog stand

A hot dog stand is usually equipped with cooking and frying equipment that can make the classic servings; grilled and cooked sausages, hot dogs, French hot dogs, bread, etc. We have the necessary equipment for your hot dog stand, and we can meet most equipment needs.

No matter what you choose to serve, you can get most of the FKI equipment in several sizes to fit the space in your hot dog stand.

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Our suggestions

Sausage warmer

The sausage warmer is ideal for cooking of the classic sausages, served with bread and various accessories. The sausage warmer is available in several sizes and models, and both as countertop models and models that can be built into the countertop.

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Sausage grill

A sausage grill is necessary equipment in the classic hot dog stand. It is a guarantee that customers get hot and crispy sausages, and the two heating zones makes it possible to grill the sausages on one zone and then keep them warm on the other zone.

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Conveyor toaster

The conveyor toaster can heat many different types of bread, and it is especially good for hot dog buns and bread for French hot dogs. It is available in two sizes and with adjustable speed of the conveyor belt the bread is placed on while toasting.

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