When people are at the petrol station or the convenience store they are easily tempted by the good smells of hot food. You can benefit from this by selling food that is nicely presented and smells good in the store.

The customers are tempted to get something to eat when they are in the store anyway. Petrol stations and convenience stores account for a large share of fast food sales, and it is fast and easy for customers to buy a quick meal.

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Sausage grill

The sausage grill comes in many sizes and variations. If the sausage grill is built into the countertop it will improve the ergonomic work position, and at the same time it ensures a good presentation of the food products. The customers can see, how the sausages are heated.

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You can use a toaster to heat many types of bread, as well as making panini, toasts and heat sandwiches. It therefore meets multiple purposes and is practical in a convenience store or a small kitchen where space is limited.

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Roller grill

A roller grill ensures even cooking of the sausages, and the sausages can be grilled without you having to check on and turn the sausages regularly. The sausages are turned automatically at a slow pace, and the food is presented nicely for the customers at the same time.

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Conveyor toaster

The conveyor toaster is available in several models and sizes, and it can easily solve many bread toasting tasks. The conveyor toaster is also very stable in operation and it has a low lifetime cost.

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