Accessories for FKE deep fryers

The FKE deep fryer accessories include both means for extending the life of the fryer oil and for easier and more safe operation of the machine, as well as deep-fryer baskets and French fries/ chips heaters.

The accessories for FKE deep fryers provide a range of possibilities in relation to your use of the deep fryer and not least the user experience itself.

Our range

Oil-cleaning system

Your frying oil lasts longer and maintain the quality with the oil-cleaning system, which fits a selection of the deep fryer floor models.

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Lifting system

The lifting system can be mounted on all electronic deep fryers. The system ensures that the fryer basket with food content is automatically lowered into and out of the hot oil.

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French fries/chips heater

The French fries/chips heater keeps fried foods hot for a shorter period, having it ready for serving. Available in both a countertop model and floor model.

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Deep frying baskets

The baskets are available in two sizes. They are made from a strong material and are equipped with rubber handles that provide a better grip and better heat diversion.

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Magnesol XL powder

Daily use of Magnesol X in the oil-cleaning process gives your frying oil a longer lifetime, and the oil quality is maintained for a longer period.

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MagiClean cleaning powder

Magiclean cleaning powder makes it easy to keep the fryer vat clean and tidy. It removes oil residue and grease from the tub and keeps the fryer clean longer.

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