Deep fryers in many models

We have a wide selection of deep fryers, and you can read more about our electronic models below. Our electronic deep fryers are made in models for placement on countertop and floor.

FKE friturer

Floor models

FKE floor deep fryers make the preparation of fried food easy and manageable. You quickly cook French fries, nuggets, fish filets and similar products for your customers, and they get crisp and well-prepared foods.

FKE floor model deep fryers are equipped with powerful heating elements and therefore is both heating of the oil and the frying itself fast. The FKE models are electronically controlled. It makes the machines easy to operate and you can program up to six different frying times.

FKE bordfriture

Countertop models

FKE deep fryers for countertop placement is a good solution if your space is a bit cramped and a powerful fryer with easy operation is needed. The countertop models are available in different sizes, with one or two vats, and with different kilowatt in the heating elements.

You get a countertop deep fryer that is stable in operation and has a low lifetime cost. It meets all demands for speed and efficiency in the kitchen or fast-food shop.

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FKE hæve-sænk system til elektroniske friturer


The FKE deep fryer accessories include both means for extending the life of the fryer oil and for easier and more safe operation of the machine, as well as deep-fryer baskets and French fries/ chips heaters.

The accessories for FKE deep fryers provide a range of possibilities in relation to your use of the deep fryer and not least the user experience itself.


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