Need to make many burgers in a short time? You can – with the combination of a large contact grill that fries 12 pcs. 200 g. burgers on 140 seconds, and a Rototoaster that heat and caramelize a burger bun within 30 seconds.

At the same time, a powerful deep fryer provides crispy fries on the side for the perfect burger experience. You get a powerful machine that ensures quick deep frying that can keep up with the burger production. Both the contact grill and the deep fryer has an alarm that sounds when cooking is finished, and you are certain that the food is not over-cooked. The deep fryer with automatic lifting system raises the baskets out of the oil when the machine is finished frying.

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Turbomatic contact grill

The turbomatic contact grill is automatic and you obtain the correct cooking result on your burgers in an easy and safe manor. You can program three different frying times on each heating zone to fit different hamburger sizes, and the contact grill is available in four different sizes. An alarm sounds when frying is finished (can be adjusted in volume or turned off completely).

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Floor model deep fryer

Powerful deep fryer with automatic fryer basket lifting system. The electronic deep fryer ensures easy operation and fast deep frying of foods. Two deep vats provide large volume and flexibility when deep frying, and the lifting system raises the baskets out of the fryer oil when frying is finished.

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The Rototoaster caramelize a burger bun in 30 seconds. The machine is adjustable to fit the thickness of different burger buns. The machine is only suited for white burger buns with sugar content.

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