Space optimization

You might have a small food stall, take-away restaurant, petrol station or similar, and would like to expand your food selection with an extra offer for the customers, and earn an extra profit. Our space-optimized burger concept makes it possible.

External extraction is not necessary and only a minimum of space is required for the equipment. In very little space, you can establish a small “burger factory” that can meet customer demands. The equipment provides easy and quick preparation of both patties and burger buns.

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Our suggestions

Conveyor grill

The conveyor grill is ready for use without external extraction. The machine has a patented air filtration system that through filters remove frying smells and no unpleasant odors are left in the room.
The machine fry frozen hamburgers quickly, and it has variable belt speed providing you with a perfect frying results regardless of hamburger thickness.

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The Rototoaster gives burger buns a caramelized and crisp surface. The toaster can be adjusted to fit burger bun thickness and it only takes 30 seconds to heat a burger bun. The machine is only suited for white burger buns with sugar content.

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Small countertop deep fryer

A small countertop deep fryer can make hot crispy fries to accompany the burgers. An electronic deep fryer meet demands for quick heating, it is convenient to use, and it is easy to keep the surrounding area clean. Heating of the frying oil is electronically controlled, and you can program up to six different frying times.

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