If you want a burger concept with full flexibility it is the “Classic” concept you need for your restaurant or grill bar. You can fry almost everything imaginable that you can put in a burger on the grill plate, and you can focus on the details and correct preparation.

For example, you can grill hamburgers, bacon, vegetables etc. on the grill plate, and you can melt the cheese on top of the hamburger in the classic way, while the hamburger lies on the grill plate. The burger buns are easy to toast in the conveyor toaster, you just put them on the conveyor belt. The toaster is flexible to use, both regarding what type of bread you want to toast and how much time it needs in the toaster. The deep fryer ensures quick deep frying of fries, onion rings etc. that belong on the side of a good burger.

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MAXI grill plate

A MAXI grill plate can fulfill the need for flexibility and perfect frying every time. The MAXI grill plate is robust and has a built-in splashguard that makes cleaning around the grill plate easier. It is both user-friendly and easy to clean.
The grill plates are available both as MAXI and standard (the standard models do not have built-in splashguards) in different sizes and with two or three heating zones.

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The Unitoaster is a compact and reliable toaster that heat burger buns quick and easy. It is very flexible in use as it can heat other types of bread products as well. The conveyor toaster is available in two different sizes and with or without variable belt speed.

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Floor model deep fryer

Powerful electronic deep fryer, which is available in different sizes. Operation is easy and ensures quick frying. You get a flexible deep fryer with deep vats that can make crispy fries, onion rings, nuggets and much more.

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