Burger concepts for every need

We have put together three different burger concepts focusing on different types of businesses. The equipment has been carefully selected to cover the three business types we encounter the most. Use the suggestions for inspiration or just as they are.
Read more about each concept below or in our burger concept brochure.

Burgerkoncept pladsoptimering

Space optimization

You might have a small food stall, take-away restaurant, petrol station or similar, and would like to expand your food selection with an extra offer for the customers, and earn an extra profit. Our space-optimized burger concept makes it possible.

External extraction is not necessary and only a minimum of space is required for the equipment. In very little space, you can establish a small “burger factory” that can meet customer demands. The equipment provides easy and quick preparation of both patties and burger buns.

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Need to make many burgers in a short time? You can – with the combination of a large contact grill that fries 12 pcs. 200 g. burgers on 140 seconds, and a Rototoaster that heat and caramelize a burger bun within 30 seconds.

At the same time, a powerful deep fryer with automatic lifting system provides crispy fries on the side for the perfect burger experience. You get a powerful machine that ensures quick deep frying that can keep up with the burger production.

Burgerkoncept "classic"


If you want a burger concept with full flexibility it is the “Classic” concept you need for your restaurant or grill bar. You can fry almost everything imaginable that you can put in a burger on the grill plate, and you can focus on the details and correct preparation.

For example, you can grill hamburgers, bacon, vegetables etc. on the grill plate, and you can melt the cheese on top of the hamburger in the classic way, while the hamburger lies on the grill plate. The burger buns are easy to toast in the conveyor toaster, you just put them on the conveyor belt.


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