Deep fryer with manual temperature control gives freedom of creativity

A deep fryer with analog control allows you to control the cooking process from start to finish. You decide how high the oil temperature should be and how long you want to fry the food.

The powerful heating elements heat up the frying oil quickly and you decide how hot you want it to be. The analog deep fryer is easy to use, you don't need to program it first or know what to press to start or stop it. You turn it on, let it heat the oil to the desired temperature and you're ready to fry.

The fryer is both easy to clean and easy to service. The heating elements can be lifted up for easy cleaning and, if necessary, the heating elements can be replaced in minutes.

You get an efficient and stable deep fryer that quickly prepares French fries, fish fillets, grilled chicken, spring rolls, etc. At the same time, the table model is easy to accommodate, even in smaller kitchens and grill bars.



  • Easy to use
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Fast heating with powerful heating elements
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Manual temperature and time control



  • Deep-frying in oil/fat of both thawed and frozen products
  • Quick warm-up
  • Powerful heating elements
  • Table model



  • Frying basket

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

350 x 650 x 335 mm

Fryer vat / liter

1 vat / 15 liter

Standard baskets

2 x 1/2



Voltage / power

3x400V / 9kW

Power consumption

13 Amp.

Connection frequency

50/60 Hz


< 45 dB(A)