Do you need information about products that you consider buying? Or have you lost your user manual and need a new one? Perhaps you need to order spare parts, but you need the name and product number of the spare part?

You can find it all on our website where most materials are available in four languages; English, Danish, German and Polish. On the largest part of our products on the website you can download a product sheet, a user manual and a spare parts list.

On top of this you can also find our product catalog, get an easy overview of our dealers across the world, or find other relevant information.

If you have doubts about which products you need, you can have a look at our concepts. On the frontpage of the website you can click through the concepts and see which products are best for burgers, sausages/bread, and deep frying. This provides you with a quick overview of what we can offer within the different product groups.

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