Burger heater – CL 14100 B

Efficient heating and heat retention of pattys in gravy etc.

The cooking equipment is used for heating pattys in brine/sauce, sauces, soups or similar, without actually cooking the products. The thermostat on the front of the unit makes operation easy and you can adjust the temperature in the vat to the product you need to keep warm.

The CL models are designed as water baths with an outer vessel that you fill with clean water and an inner vessel where you cook or keep the product warm.

The outer vat is emptied using the drain tap on the front of the appliance, and the inner vat can be easily removed for cleaning or washing in the dishwasher.

The equipment can easily fit into the space you have available. The cooking equipment is made of stainless steel with fully welded and rounded edges.


  • Efficient warm keeping
  • Quick adjustment of temperature
  • Good access to operate the appliance
  • Easy cleaning



  • Keeping pattys in gravy, mash, sauces, soups etc. warm
  • Adjustable temperature from 30-110 °C
  • Easy operation
  • Drain tap on front
  • Table model

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

295 x 265 x 175 mm


GN 1/4 x 100


3 liter

Voltage / power

230V / 0,75 kW

Power consumption

3,2 Amp.

Connection frequency

50 Hz